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About Kirke

Kirke is the Greek goddess of transformation, setting the standards in European recycling we bring to the forefront our game changer. To transform how recycling is seen and used by the general public. What if you earned cryptocurrency for many your household recycling waste instead of your waste management service making money from you? What if the streets could be motivated to be cleaner? What if the unemployed could create an income stream? Thats why we are here and thats our vision!

  • Key Dates


    Live pricing

    All items being recycled via Kirke will be paid out on live market rates. The price of materials being recycled will be transparent on-line

    Wallet & App

    Our app with wallet ensures prompt payment with optional transition to other cryptocurrencys or by FIAT to your account


    We have an ever expanding support network of drop off locations with known vendors, showing massive growth potential from day 1!

    Block-chain Based

    Fast block-chain payments. Complete transparency of all recycling payments see the difference one transaction at a time


    Believers that compliant company's are better built company's. All our operations exceed minimum requirements to delivery our strategy

    Long Term Roadmap

    Our road map is thorough with a long term vision. Our vision will create employment and assist in a greener earth

    token Distribution

    • 84%

      Allocated to token investors, exchange ready on ICO completion


      Allocated for the internal team reserve

    • 5%

      Allocated to our bountys, influencers and basic advertising


      Allocated to our advisory team payment

    ICO Bonus Structure 400,000,000 Token Market Cap 1st stage: 0-50,000,000 $0.05c 2nd stage: 50-100,000,000 $0.06c 3rd stage: 100-150,000,000 $0.07c 4th stage: 150-400,000,000 $0.08c All Unsold tokens burned post ICO

  • faq

    How can i participate in the ICO?

    By clicking on the "Join ICO" link at the top of the page you will be taken to the instructions to take part.

    How soon until the token reaches exchanges?

    Our token will be live on 2 exchanges at ICO completion date. We believe in our long term road map and wish to grow our brand gradually. As we grow we will actively pursue bigger exchanges by listening to our community. Suggestions of known safe exchanges are always welcome to the team!

    When will i receive my tokens?

    As part of our smart contract all tokens are issued instantly to your Ethereum wallet address. They will however be locked in your wallet until the ICO completion date has passed.

    Im from an ICO investment banned countries can i invest?

    Whilst we do not actively screen for participant countries due to the well known loop holes, we do stress that all participants must abide to their local laws around finance, investment and taxation.

    I have more questions how can i get an answer on them?

    We are active on all our social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Telegram where you can ask your questions directly. Alternatively you can drop us a direct mail to [email protected]

    Our Team

    Mark Hyde


    With over 11 years experience in waste management Mark brings a solution to change the waste industry, he pitched the idea to Adam and Kirke was born!

    Adam Sudtell


    Long time colleague of Mark together they bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the table, sales management is Adams strongest trait

    Emelia Berg

    Administrative Manager

    Emilia is our go to person and keeps our social media and customer care operation running smoothly from twitter to email shes our engine room!

    Alan Bunyan

    Director of Business Dev

    Bringing over 20 years of multinational experience to our team Alan leads from the front and brings the team together, a mentor for all staff!

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