The following instruction set is based of ICO participation via only, please make sure you do not invest from an exchange wallet or jaxx etc, ensure you hold the private keys for all Ethereum wallets you will be buying tokens from!

Step 1

Ensure you are on the correct MyEtherWallet website and not a phising version. Ensure it matches the image below letter for letter!

Step 2

Ensure you give the transaction enough GAS/GWEI, depending on the network speed we recommend between 20 and 50, selecting 50 will always ensure a faster transaction

Step 3

Ensure to enter the correct contract address of: 0xe0d19ef19dcdc87d0f5418e5ffc69cd022b98cbd
this can always be verified by our pinned twitter and telegram message for confirmation.

Now also select the total amount you are willing to invest in the ICO, for this demonstration we invested 0.9755586 ETH

Step 4

Select you GAS limit for the transaction, no more then 210000 should be required! For our demonstration we left it on its default setting

Step 5

Next select generate transaction

This will then display the follow type of transaction information:

When ready click on "SEND TRANSACTION"

When successfully sent a pop-up at the bottom of the browser will now show you transaction information in a green box like the one below:

ICO Participation complete

You can now verify the transaction which will show you information like below:

You can also verify instant delivery of tokens on under your wallet address. A new tokens menu should have appeared. You can see here 1,658.44KIK tokens have already been delivered!


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